The One that started it all..

I was looking back on a few old notes this afternoon and they got me thinking. What was the beginning of this? The soul? The root? How did we come from stories, to Facebook novels, to this blog? What got you guys to add me on Facebook and then made you hesitate, TIME AND TIME AGAIN, from removing me from your friends list? I found it. It took about 30 minutes of digging, but under it all.. I found it. It’s not as… great as I recalled it, but, of course, my writing has improved quite a bit. It’s also gotten a lot more descriptive. And longer. And less grammatically fluid. I think I used the word “swag” in there. I hope it was sarcastically. Irregardless, this is either a flashback for those who have been there since the start or a new tale for those who just recently got on the ride. Just know; more stories are coming, but for now, revel in the past.

So, this morning I awake on my own. No alarm. I sit up quickly to check it the time; my clock is blinking 12:00. It had reset during the night. With no time to lose I fly out of my bed, shower and get dressed without looking at the time. While brushing my teeth, I manage to get a glimpse at my phone. It says it is 9:20, I have but 10 minutes to get to class. On Campus, I begin to bolt. My backpack is jostling all around; sacrificing style for speed. Other people are stopping to stare. Why? Because I am making Forrest Gump look like A CHUMP! I was a streak of ginger lightning! I dash up two flights of stairs to my class, throwing open the door and entering with complete swag. I glance up at the clock.

9:29 AM. HA! My perfect record REMAINS! I walk over to my teacher who has already passed out the tests and I apologize meekly. He simply smiles, handing me a test, and says in thickly Korean-accented english, “I saved a seat for you”, directing me to it with his hand. I squint at him. How could he have known I was going to be not-as-early as I usually am? Did he reset my clock in the night? Is my South Korean marketing teacher a Ninja? Was he testing me prior to the ACTUAL test on my speed, agility, and determination? Looks like I am changing my major to “East Asian Stealth”, because I am the next friggin KUNG-FU KID! Excuse me, I am going to get fitted for my all-black pajamas and face mask.


Grand Opening! Don’t Panic!

After a few weeks of of trial-and-error, staring at an HTML screen, and whimpering in the fetal position in a dimly lit corner, I have finally brought to life DEVON COOKE’S RED ALERT! Truth be told, it’s very much still a work-in-progress. It’s been awhile since I’ve had to work with some of my basic coding “skills”, which equates to fumbling around in the dark searching for your pants when you think a burglar is in your dwelling, so I’ll be getting the haggle of that along with some conventional and unconventional ways of my writing. Most of you have witnessed my usual tales of tragedy, comedy, and interactions with the human condition that occur in my daily life. Those will most likely still appear here, if successfully translated into something the public likes. However, I’ve always been one to support the ideas and thoughts of my friends and community, so I’m open to writing about anything you guys want to see. You want to see hysterically and hilarious written rants on various topics? DONE. Reviews on TV shows, movies, books, and laundry detergents? STRAIGHT UP. Short stories written by me (opening myself up to SHAMEFUL ridicule or GLORIOUS acceptance)? WE TOTALLY… will have to talk about it.

What I’m trying to get at here is that, unlike Facebook, we have a much wider venue to use. We can hit anything you unwashed masses desire. My writing style has gathered the attention of a lot more people than I had previously thought and the pressure to start this type of blog has been immense. We are very much in this together; I’m the driver and you guys are the super-naggy back-seat drivers. So, if I crash and burn, you all are going down with me. No pressure, right?

Ultimately, I’m excited to get this Blog party started. So let me know your thoughts and opinions and we’ll kick the tires and light the fires!